A few of us have found ourselves in summer reading slumps. Do you find that your reading tends to slow in the summer months? Do you have any tricks to jumpstart your reading or just look toward other activities?

catherine-chat2I’m not sure my slump has anything to do with summer but with other parts of my life taking over the mental space I need to read. In that way, I can’t say this is totally a summer slump and wonder if anyone finds their slumps to be less impacted by the seasons than by their life.
jennifer-chatSomething is definitely going on with my reading this summer but I am nervous of the word slump. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I say slump and my brain says, “Yes! We’ll only allow her to binge watch Netflix for weeks at a time! Muahahahaha!” Summer doldrums? Weather related slowdown? Yeah, I’ll use one of those.
monika-chatSummer reading usually goes great for me. This summer though, I’ve been slumping hard. I want to read, but it’s either not happening at all or I’m crawling along at a painfully slow pace. Like you Catherine, I’m finding it’s more about other things in life taking over, whether it’s mental space or actual free time.
shannon-chatI don’t think I really get seasonal slumps either. My reading is much more dictated by what’s going on around me and because I’m not working right now I’m actually in the opposite of a slump. A reading peak, if you will. Har har.

I’ve had moments this summer where my reading slowed, but I think it was actually due to an overwhelming feeling of choice. I’ve been using my library a ton this year and coming home with amazing stacks that can be super difficult to choose from.
jennifer-chatI’m suffering from too many books to choose from, too. The options are endless and the piles of books are overwhelming. I look at my shelves and find myself whimpering. I think culling and organizing would help. Now, if I could stop watching Netflix long enough to cull and organize…
catherine-chat2I’m not sure it’s a trick but I do tend to find, when I’m in a slump, that I lean towards making my reading choices based on how I’m feeling at the time. It often tends towards what Rory from Fourth Street Review calls popcorn reading—“fun but without any substance”. That or anything that is completely escapist.
monika-chatYes, Rory’s trick really helps me, too! I tend to like heavier reading and reach for it first, so I have to be proactive and remind myself that popcorn is available, too. 😉
jennifer-chatIn the past I’ve had great luck in busting up the doldrums by re-reading an old favorite. Maybe it’s time for some Catcher in the Rye? I know it’s definitely time for Alice in Wonderland! (Hey, we’re reading that August 6th!)

jennifer-chatDo you think that something hot and topical can relight the reading fire? The world is talking about Go Set a Watchman. Reading that made me feel connected to the thousands of others that were reading at the same time. Being able to talk about it with my reading pals gave me back some of my reading mojo.
catherine-chat2That could be, because while the hype about Watchman pushed me in the opposite direction (for various reasons) I did feel that way about A Little Life. Had to read it and talk about it. But then how did you feel afterwards? Depending on the book, something amazing can leave me completely lethargic.
shannon-chatI actually felt a little slumpy right before starting Watchman, just because I was so desperate to finish my other books and start it. But I totally agree about the letdown that comes from finishing a great book…the slump afterward can be hard to recover from.


How do you feel, readers? Do you tend to get seasonal slumps? How has this summer’s reading been for you? Do you have any tricks for preventing or getting out of a slump?