As we slog through the final, very hot days of July, we wanted to check in and update you with our plans for August.

  • Our Alice in Wonderland readalong wraps up next week. Grab yourself a poppyseed muffin, some tea, and be ready to chat with us in the comments on August 6th! We’ll be focusing on Alice in Wonderland only; Through the Looking Glass may come later if there’s interest.
  • We think a spoilers-welcome zone is just the remedy for all the feels we have about Go Set a Watchman, and hope you’ll join us August 13th to rejoice and/or commiserate.
  • Since Bout of Books begins August 17th and those of us participating want to read as much as possible, we’ll have a light discussion that week with no book breakdown.
  • We’ve been seeing lots of posts and tweets about The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips, so we’ll close out the month with that on August 27th.

We’re considering a few small changes here at The Socratic Salon and want a little input. We know many of you try to add a book or two from our list to your own TBR (which we LOVE), so we’re wondering if four books is too many to keep up with? Is there a number that would be more workable? We try to take pulse of what people are reading and itching to chat about, so we don’t want to plan out too far in the future, but we’d love to make it possible for all of you to participate.

As always, we want to know about the books keeping you up at night and what you have your eye on for the next few months, so please let us know what you’d like to see us discuss in the future!