reading habits


shannon-chatIt probably shouldn’t irk me as much as it does, but one of the most frustrating things about being a dedicated reader is having other people marvel at the time it must take….like I’m floating on a cloud eating bon bons with a book in my hand for 90% of the day. It’s really not that much time and all about prioritization.

monika-chatI’m on the receiving end of that sentiment a lot, too. But I take a book with me almost everywhere I go, and often I read in very short bursts whenever I get a few spare moments. That adds up to a significant amount of time. But do people normally count time spent reading? It seems like “number of books read” is a more common unit of measurement, which isn’t exactly fair.
april-chatI’m more interested in pages read rather than number of books. But it’s an interesting idea to track time. I have difficulty doing that because I’ll wander around while reading.
jennifer-chatI’ve heard the same thing, time after time. My favorite is when people tell me that they don’t have time to read, somehow inferring that I fritter away my time on books while they are busy with real things. It’s about priorities. I make time for books. It’s not magic, it’s just what I like to do with my spare time.
catherine-chat2My guess is we all hear it because we blog but especially for you Shannon, the speed at which you read has to be considered! That’s usually what I tell people—I’m a fast reader.

Monika started answering this, but it piques my interest—when is your favorite time for reading? And/or do you carve out a specific time for it?
jennifer-chatI’m a speedy reader as well, you might even call me relentless. Har dee har.

I read in bed, almost every night. I’m a creature of habit and have read before falling asleep since I was a little girl.
april-chatI’ve been a long-time reader before bed. For as long as I can remember I read before I go to sleep, but with the most intellectually exhausting job that I’ve ever had plus a fifty mile commute, I find myself turning to audiobooks before bed.
shannon-chatI absolutely can’t read in bed. Aside from the fact that my bedroom only has outlets on one side (whyyyy 100 year old house, whyyyy?), bed = sleep and I would never read if I saved reading time for bed. I do most of my reading in the late evening, though, just before going to bed.
monika-chatI read in bed all the time. It’s probably a big reason why I never sleep!

jennifer-chatStudies do say
that using your bed for anything other than sex and sleeping is a bad idea. Does that mean I’ll stop? Nope.


How about you, dear readers? This is Bout of Books week, when many of us are making an extra special effort to carve out reading time in our busy days. But what about all of the non-readathon days of the year? How do you find/make time to read? Do you have a specific or favorite time to read?