This is it, dear readers, the final holiday push. Whether you are all-in on decorating, gift giving, and caroling your heart out for a cup of nog or the quiet type who finds the commercialism exhausting it is a time of year that commands an extreme amount of our time and attention. In light of everything going on around us, we’re keeping it simple with the perfect gift buying guide for the reader in your life:

bookish gifts

For our part, we’re weighing in with either something we’re hoping to find under the tree or something we’re giving this year that has us excited.

catherine-chat2After a long slog of remodeling an old house, we’re finished- with the exception of my office. The majority of my books are still in boxes so while it’s not a gift that will fit under the tree I’m really hoping for bookshelves. Lots and lots of bookshelves!

shannon-chatOoo, I’m dreaming of adding new built-in bookshelves to my new house, too, but that would be a bit after Christmas. The holiday is a little drab this year for us, since we’re in the middle of a move and not traveling to see family like we usually would, but under any other circumstance I’m sure I would be giving someone a copy of Cheryl Strayed’s
Tiny Beautiful Things. At least, to the people I haven’t already given it to.

monika-chatI’m going to be unromantic and say GIFT CARDS. I looooove getting (and giving) gift cards that can be spent on books!

jennifer-chatI’ll be giving a stack of books to my youngest nephew. He’s 4 and loves being read to. I envision spending a lot of time cuddled up with him on Christmas Day. I’m also excited about the book I picked up last night for my future son-in-law. I’m more than sure that he doesn’t read this blog so I can show it to you:


Beer Pairing

The Essential Guide From the Pairing Pros

by Julia Herz & Gwen Conley

There are other books I’ll be gifting my nearest and dearest but I can’t talk about them quite yet. Little pitchers have big ears don’t you know!


Is there any book you’re really hoping to receive this year? Or something else to enable your reading addiction? Do you have bookish gifts for the book lovers in your life?