Spoiler-free reviews are great, especially if we want to get a feel for a title before picking it up, but what happens when we’re finished reading and want to share? Some of us have amazing groups to turn to, but others are left to roam in book club deserts. Roam no more!

The Socratic Salon is a place where comments become conversations. Instead of a singular exchange between blogger and visitor, we encourage readers to question and respond to one another, with the post as a starting point. We dive deep into books, share our opinions, ask questions, and learn from each other without ever worrying about finding the “right answer”. So grab a book, pull up a stool, and join us!

Who We Are

April is an attorney with a weakness for fine food and travel. This means you can find her seeking out gourmet restaurants, excellent wines and reading Supreme Court opinions for fun. Though she loves to dig into nonfiction, her blog The Steadfast Reader is also filled with literary fiction and horror.

Catherine apparently has the attention span of a gnat because she’s worked in retail, been a librarian, developed databases, and has finally come to rest as a book blogger at The Gilmore Guide to Books. When not reading she can be found remodeling a midcentury house in Seattle, drinking wine, or swimming. Not all at once.

Jennifer is a book loving, liberal thinking, beer drinking, football watching, history studying, cheese eating, glasses wearing, knowledge seeking, small town Wisconsin girl. For as long as she can remember she’s been the girl with her nose stuck in a book. She talks books at The Relentless Reader.

Shannon taught middle and high school for seven years, but recently shifted her focus toward research in education. When she’s not spending time with her husband and Australian Shepherd, she hunts down Southern fiction and sweeping family sagas to share with readers at River City Reading.

Monika is a professional classical musician and homeschooling/unschooling mom who blogs about books at Lovely Bookshelf. She enjoys magical realism, short stories, memoirs, twaddle-free children’s books, and the challenge of reading in Italian.