scary books


shannon-chatWhen we start to inch up on Halloween, we tend to think of reading horror novels. Do they scare you or do you find yourself afraid while reading other types of books?

jennifer-chatI’m always drawn to eerie reads when the weather starts turning chilly. They don’t scare me the way they did when I was in middle school (Reading
It in 7th grade was my favorite mistake) but I do enjoy the creepy creeps I get while reading Shirley Jackson or Stephen King.

monika-chatThe last book I read that truly scared me (and one of the scariest books I’ve ever read) was
solo/down by Lauryn Allison Lewis (from CCLaP). I need a good grounding in reality, something believable. Evil supernatural creatures are fine, but if they’re the only thing carrying the element of “horror,” the book isn’t going to scare me. It has to mess with my head somehow.

catherine-chat2I’m not a fan of horror. Some people are fine with gore but I can’t do it at all. I recently read
The Library at Mount Char and loved it but it had way more gore than I usually read and it made me queasy. I’m a wuss!

jennifer-chatThe Library at Mount Char
was gory wasn’t it? That one definitely made me cringe more than a time or two.

shannon-chatI don’t mind gore, but don’t find it scary. Traditional horror doesn’t really do it for me, in terms of getting me on the edge of my seat.

catherine-chat2What things scare you most: the supernatural, suspense, horror, or psychological terror? For me, the ones that really get to me are those that mimic the real world and could happen. How to Be a Good Wife freaked me out because this woman knew the truth of what happened to her but was never believed. That scares me!

shannon-chatI tend to be much more creeped out by the psychological, particularly if it’s a book that makes me wait. Slow tension, like the beginning of
The Dinner or All the Birds, Singing, is what gets to me.

monika-chatI’m the same way, Shannon. Traditional horror doesn’t creep me out; at least, not when reading. TV or the movies are a different story. But that slow tension? Yes.
The Dinner is a perfect example.

jennifer-chatI’m more likely to be kept awake at night by a book with a slow burning psychological thing going on. Books like
Room or Before I Go to Sleep are more likely to make me look over my shoulder. I just read The Stepford Wives. Talk about the heebie jeebies!

monika-chatDystopian/apocalyptic novels do that to me a lot of times! It’s a matter of “this is messed up” combined with “omg this
could really happen…” that does me in.
shannon-chatYES. I totally feel that way sometimes, too. The Beautiful Bureaucrat had me creeped to the max.

catherine-chat2We’ve mentioned a number of things that scared us but if you had to pick one or two what are the scariest things you’ve ever read? For me it would have to be Stephen King’s
The Stand and It.

jennifer-chatI completely agree, Catherine.
It and The Stand will forever reign as the scariest freaking books. It changed me. For real.
catherine-chat2Right?! I don’t even remember all of it anymore except for sewer drains. I NEVER look into them. I don’t care if my wallet fell down there. I’d be like, ‘Oh, well.’ and keep walking.


What about you, readers? Do you like scary books? If so, what kind and what is your favorite?

What does it take for you to be afraid? Very afraid?